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Privacy Policy

Security and Privacy Policy

Bitez Villa uses the information of visitors who visit the site to provide better and alternative service and to determine the customer profile within itself and to carry out statistical studies.

Bitez Villa reserves the information of visitors who visit the site only within its own structure. It does not disclose to other 3rd parties and/or institutions/organizations without the prior approval of the customer or without a legal obligation.

Your credit card information is only requested for one-time use in payment transactions and is never shared with third parties nor stored in the system.

When the regulatory bodies to which Bitez Villa is subject, or the legislative and executive bodies and authorities that may request the disclosure of customer information, they will disclose this information only within the framework of the powers granted by law.

Only Bitez Villa can access the information you enter in the system. It is absolutely impossible for other users in the system to access and change information about you. In order to provide better service, Bitez Villa needs some necessary information to be used in case of payment.

Furthermore, the following information we deem highly confidential:



Your Phone Number

E-Mail Address

Date of birth

Confidential information such as your Phone Number, Credit card and password is protected by SSL protocol encryption system (impossible to decipher) while being transmitted over the internet.  In addition, our company uses the bank's own payment page.


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